Smart billingmade easy.

Remindabill introduces data-driven profiling,Individualized messaging and mobile-first technology.This is a smarter receivables solution, increasingcash flow and reducing billing cycle time.


Better Billing

The current receivables process is high-touch and high cost. And, it's rigid. Every
customer falls into the same flow and receives the same messaging.

Using data science, machine learning and a holistic mobile platform,
Remindabill shortens billing cycles, improves collections and increases transparency.

Mobile Billing

Proactively communicate and
accept payment in the most
efficient way.

Propensity To
Pay Scoring

Analyze and categorize
customers, determining their
likelihood to pay their bill.

Business Process

Smart workflows that enhance current
processes, enabling management
of customers based on their
propensity to pay.

Mobile on Every Level

Based on data and learning, customers are proactively offered payment
plans that increase the likelihood of collection, maximize the amount
collected and reduce collection costs.

Quick Scan

Customers can take picture of their credit card
for easy payments on the go

Schedule It

Customers can schedule payments and
setup payment plans

Proactive Communication

Text customers every step of the way,
notifying them of insurance submission, balance due
and payment received


Text or chat with customer service
for instant billing answers

Easy Mobile Payments

Utilizing SMS notifications and mobile wallet technology,
Remindabill allows customers to easily view balances,
manage billing info and set up payment plans.

Better Outcomes

Remindabill uses artificial intelligence to identify the customers most likely to pay their
bills versus ones that may need payment plans, and which ones who would
be most receptive to mobile billing.

Based on data points, Remindabill recommends workflow optimizations for each customer.
This helps drive more efficient and profitable billing operations.